Monday, March 8, 2010


Found: The Goodwill on Broadway, Portland, OR
March 3, 2010

I was shopping at the Broadway Goodwill with the BFF recently, and while glancing in the glass case an employee rushed over and dumped out an entire basket of earrings on the counter in front of us. It was an odd gesture, being that we had not asked to see anything, but we tore through the pile none-the-less. I came away with a massive load of vintage earrings that I simply adore. Among them were these vintage Flapper Girl earrings. I believe they used to be buttons. Her little face is the cutest!

I will be listing them in the shop soon! Stay tuned...

Charming in Yellow

Found: Salvation Army, Vancouver, WA
March, 5 2010

I found this lovely little number at the Salarmi (nickname for Salvation Army) in The Couve (nickname for Vancouver) this week. I would LOVE to walk down the street having one "Jackie-O" moment after another in it, alas, it is too big for me.

I love this coat. Great condition. Marvelous color.

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