Monday, March 8, 2010


Found: The Goodwill on Broadway, Portland, OR
March 3, 2010

I was shopping at the Broadway Goodwill with the BFF recently, and while glancing in the glass case an employee rushed over and dumped out an entire basket of earrings on the counter in front of us. It was an odd gesture, being that we had not asked to see anything, but we tore through the pile none-the-less. I came away with a massive load of vintage earrings that I simply adore. Among them were these vintage Flapper Girl earrings. I believe they used to be buttons. Her little face is the cutest!

I will be listing them in the shop soon! Stay tuned...

Charming in Yellow

Found: Salvation Army, Vancouver, WA
March, 5 2010

I found this lovely little number at the Salarmi (nickname for Salvation Army) in The Couve (nickname for Vancouver) this week. I would LOVE to walk down the street having one "Jackie-O" moment after another in it, alas, it is too big for me.

I love this coat. Great condition. Marvelous color.

Listed in my Etsy Shop:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A ROLL OF THE sometimes nice.

Found: NE Portland Estate Sale, February 2010

I have a when I win the lottery fantasy that just might include a set of these babies. Several years ago I came up with this amazing idea that it would be THE BEST THING EVER to recreate a mid-century, palm springs style, retro trailer park if I ever had a bunch of money to blow. Visualize it.....Air Stream trailers, kidney shaped pools, palm trees, a Buick Century in every driveway, a martini in every hand, pink flamigos in every lawn and of couse...a set of vintage lawn dice. People would PAY to come and live in my trailer park. I know that you are now thinking that this is the best idea ever, so don't go stealing it from me if you win the lottery before I do 'cause I'll be pissed.

I really want to keep these. Alas, I am constantly teetering on the border of hoarder and I must resist the urge to keep everything in the world that whispers "keeeeeep meeeeee brennnnnna" in my ear.

I have this set listed in my Etsy Shop for $65. I have yet to see another set like it. Oh, and did I mention that I love it? Cause I do.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Found @ The PACS Thrift Store: October 2009

When I was 11 years old, my school had a bi-weekly event for the 6th graders called "FUN FRIDAY". Every other week, you had the privledge of spending the ENTIRE afternoon engaging in one of many super "FUN" non-school activities. As I looked over the list to choose my activity, my eyes were immediately drawn to "CAKE DECORATING FOR BEGINNERS". Oh my god. It was like the gates of heaven had opened-up and there stood God...waiting for me with a freshly baked, unfrosted cake, and a tube of pink frosting. "I am going to be AMAZING at this!"...I thought to myself. Truth be told, I wasn't so amazing at it....but it was FUN. I looked forward to it. It was a nice escape from the pressures of sixth grade life.

Much to my delight, I came across this book a few months back and it brought back a flood of 6th grade cake decorating memories. We took a field trip to a bakery that made cakes MUCH like the ones in this book. For a brief moment in time, I took a break from my dreams of being a Marine Biologist, and concentrated on being the most famous cake decorator that ever lived. It could still happen, right?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Found at a local Estate Sale: 02.05.10

Every now and then I find something that I really don't think I can part with. This happens to be one of those items. Until purchasing this item, I wasn't completely aware of how extensive the "Egyptian Revival" movement was. From jewelry to sculpture, this period really embodies the Art Nouveau and Ethnic spice of the 1930's/40's. I don't think this carving was initially intended to be a bracelet. From what I have read, it appears that it was once a pendant, and has been transformed into another item of jewelry over the years. The underside of the green beetle reveals carved hieroglyphics. I have no idea what they say, but the idea of them is mysterious and romantic...and really, that is all I need to keep my interest most of the time.

It really is lovely. I' sure I will end up selling it eventually, but for now, I want to admire it a little while longer. Hell, I might even WEAR IT.


Found @ The Better Bargains Thrift Store: 01.12.10

I was delighted to find a ziplock bag FULL of these delightful vintage flower pieces from the 1950's. I came immediately home and started frantically rummaging through my piles of jewelry bits looking for chain to make these into necklaces. I got as far as ONE NECKLACE, but I I have high hopes for the other pieces this month. For now, I transformed this one little beauty into a delicate and delightful spring necklace.

Listed in my Etsy Shop.


Found at the Better Bargains Thrift Store (aka The Creepy Teepee): August 2009

I recently sold this to a gal in the UK who wanted it for her young son. This melted my heart in more ways than I can think of nothing better than a 2 year-old in this day and age playing with an old Fisher Price Peek-A-Boo Television from 1963. It was in pretty decent condition overall. The decals were in good shape, the knobs still turned and the screen(s) rotated and played "Hey Diddle Diddle" when wound-up.

A fun object to buy and and even better one to pass along to the future generation of the United Kingdom.