Sunday, February 21, 2010

A ROLL OF THE sometimes nice.

Found: NE Portland Estate Sale, February 2010

I have a when I win the lottery fantasy that just might include a set of these babies. Several years ago I came up with this amazing idea that it would be THE BEST THING EVER to recreate a mid-century, palm springs style, retro trailer park if I ever had a bunch of money to blow. Visualize it.....Air Stream trailers, kidney shaped pools, palm trees, a Buick Century in every driveway, a martini in every hand, pink flamigos in every lawn and of couse...a set of vintage lawn dice. People would PAY to come and live in my trailer park. I know that you are now thinking that this is the best idea ever, so don't go stealing it from me if you win the lottery before I do 'cause I'll be pissed.

I really want to keep these. Alas, I am constantly teetering on the border of hoarder and I must resist the urge to keep everything in the world that whispers "keeeeeep meeeeee brennnnnna" in my ear.

I have this set listed in my Etsy Shop for $65. I have yet to see another set like it. Oh, and did I mention that I love it? Cause I do.

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