Friday, February 19, 2010


Found @ The PACS Thrift Store: October 2009

When I was 11 years old, my school had a bi-weekly event for the 6th graders called "FUN FRIDAY". Every other week, you had the privledge of spending the ENTIRE afternoon engaging in one of many super "FUN" non-school activities. As I looked over the list to choose my activity, my eyes were immediately drawn to "CAKE DECORATING FOR BEGINNERS". Oh my god. It was like the gates of heaven had opened-up and there stood God...waiting for me with a freshly baked, unfrosted cake, and a tube of pink frosting. "I am going to be AMAZING at this!"...I thought to myself. Truth be told, I wasn't so amazing at it....but it was FUN. I looked forward to it. It was a nice escape from the pressures of sixth grade life.

Much to my delight, I came across this book a few months back and it brought back a flood of 6th grade cake decorating memories. We took a field trip to a bakery that made cakes MUCH like the ones in this book. For a brief moment in time, I took a break from my dreams of being a Marine Biologist, and concentrated on being the most famous cake decorator that ever lived. It could still happen, right?

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